Traffic WIM sensor

  • Piezoelectric Quartz Dynamic Weighing Sensor CET8312

    Piezoelectric Quartz Dynamic Weighing Sensor CET8312

    CET8312 Piezoelectric Quartz Dynamic Weighing Sensor has the characteristics of wide measuring range, good long-term stability, good repeatability, high measurement precision and high response frequency, so it is especially suitable for dynamic weighing detection. It is a rigid, strip dynamic weighing sensor based on piezoelectric principle and patented structure. It is composed of piezoelectric quartz crystal sheet, electrode plate and special beam bearing device. Divided into 1-meter, 1.5-meter, 1.75-meter, 2-meter size specifications, can be combined into a variety of dimensions of road traffic sensors, can adapt to the dynamic weighing needs of the road surface.

  • Piezoelectric Traffic Sensor for AVC (Automatic Vehicle Classification)

    Piezoelectric Traffic Sensor for AVC (Automatic Vehicle Classification)

    The CET8311 intelligent traffic sensor is designed for permanent or temporary installation on the road or under the road to collect traffic data. The unique structure of the sensor allows it to be mounted directly under the road in a flexible form and thus conforms to the contour of the road. The flat structure of the sensor is resistant to road noise caused by bending of the road surface, adjacent lanes, and bending waves approaching the vehicle. The small incision on the pavement reduces damage to the road surface, increases installation speed, and reduces the amount of grout required for installation.

  • Infrared Light Curtain

    Infrared Light Curtain

    Sturdy construction
    Self-diagnosis function
    Anti-light interference

  • Infrared Vehicle Separators

    Infrared Vehicle Separators

    ENLH series infrared vehicle separator is a dynamic vehicle separation device developed by Enviko using infrared scanning technology. This device consists of a transmitter and a receiver, and works on the principle of opposing beams to detect the presence and departure of vehicles, thereby achieving the effect of vehicle separation. It features high accuracy, strong anti-interference capability, and high responsiveness, making it widely applicable in scenarios such as general highway toll stations,  ETC systems, and weigh-in-motion (WIM) systems for highway toll collection based on vehicle weight.

  • Wim System Control Instructions

    Wim System Control Instructions

    Enviko Wim Data Logger(Controller) collects data of dynamic weighing sensor (quartz and piezoelectric), ground sensor coil (laser ending detector), axle identifier and temperature sensor, and processes them into complete vehicle information and weighing information, including axle type, axle number, wheelbase, tire number, axle weight, axle group weight, total weight, overrun rate, speed, temperature, etc. It supports the external vehicle type identifier and axle identifier, and the system automatically matches to form a complete vehicle information data upload or storage with vehicle type identification.

  • CET-DQ601B Charge Amplifier

    CET-DQ601B Charge Amplifier

    Enviko charge amplifier is a channel charge amplifier whose output voltage is proportional to the input charge. Equipped with piezoelectric sensors, it can measure the acceleration, pressure, force and other mechanical quantities of objects.
    It is widely used in water conservancy, power, mining, transportation, construction, earthquake, aerospace, weapons and other departments. This instrument has the following characteristic.

  • Non-contact axle identifier

    Non-contact axle identifier

    Introduction The intelligent non-contact axle identification system automatically recognizes the number of axles passing through the vehicle through the vehicle axle detection sensors installed on both sides of the road, and gives the corresponding identification signal to the industrial computer; The design of the implementation plan of the freight loading supervision system such as entrance pre-inspection and fixed overrunning station; this system can accurately detect the number ...
  • AI instruction

    AI instruction

    Based on the self-developed deep learning image algorithm development platform, the high-performance data flow chip technology and AI vision technology are integrated to ensure the accuracy of the algorithm; the system is mainly composed of an AI axle identifier and an AI axle identification host, which are used to identify the number of axles, Vehicle information such as axle type, single and twin tires. system Features 1). accurate identification Can accurately identify the number...